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TW8_4922Love and inspiration can come from many places, but Merlon Devine’s love and inspiration to play music came from right inside his childhood home. Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas with a singing mother and a guitar playing father, Merlon and his nine siblings lived in a home filled with gospel music. Although Merlon did not have the gift to sing as many of his siblings did, he eventually found his voice on the saxophone. 

Merlon’s signature sound and gospel tinged expression on the horn has set him apart and propelled him onto various stages to share his musical gift with the world. His music charges the atmosphere, leaving his listeners refreshed and well.

The latest CD release from Merlon is Love Divine. It’s comprised of songs written and inspired by the love of God. Merlon has also recorded five other CD’s including: Due Season, Breathe, Unwrap the Gift, and Set the Atmosphere: Volume 1.

Merlon, his wife and three kids reside in the DC Metro area, and are partners at Spirit of Faith Christian Center, where Drs. Mike and Deedee Freeman are the pastors.



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